MY Yoga Gains App users -Week 6 - last tips!

This is for my amazing, dedicated MY Yoga Gains App users! (And if you have stumbled across this online - why not take a moment to check out the App here?)

If you are reading this....

WELL DONE!! 6 weeks of a lot of information and a lot of hard work but here you are :) Reading this and ready to recap all that you've learnt and continue your yoga practice and continue to discover more of how to keep your body nutritionally balanced!

I know it's been a lot so this week, all I want to do is give you a huge virtual hug and tell you to congratulate yourself first, and then, share some additional tips before you head over to your bonus week 7 content! Woooo!

So - here we go.

BEFORE WE START WITH THE TIPS - Make sure you take some time to look over the charts we filled in along the way, if you didn't follow any of it....yes it's the end of the 6 week program but there's no reason not to try it now! the 6 week program is designed for you to do over and over again because it's called 'Practice'. If you have filled it, have a look to spot the patterns and start to tune into how the food has affected you.

Now - some very obvious and some maybe not so obvious tips to help you continue being aware of your healthy food relationship!

  • Shop after eaten! 

  • Bored of the same fruit and veg but running out of ideas? Just pick up the 5 lowered fruit and veg a week – let someone else worry about it! Whatever the 5 fruit and veg are on offer, get them and figure out how to cook with them later. Google is your friend.

  • Stock up on herbs and spices etc. These will help you so much when playing with cool new recipes with your random 5 fruit and veg on offer as well as keeping your taste buds happy and interested.

  • Don’t accept other people’s offers – in almost every office, there is a ‘treat’ table and I find it much easier to completely refrain than to have one or two things, 

  • Distract yourself – with something which will remove the possibility of eating e.g. going out for a walk (In the summer I like to take a walk after dinner) taking a bath – NOT going to watch TV which could be a trigger to snack.

I make my meals for the next day when I am not hungry – e.g. prepare my porridge oats / overnight oats or put out ingredients ready e.g. 2 slices of bread (in an empty lunch box next to the toaster) and two eggs or make my lunch when I’ve just eaten. 

  • Get a George Foreman! So great getting rid of excess fat and easy to use for things like Quorn sausages. 

  • If you nibble as you cook (I personally don’t do this) then before you start prepping (or night before) prepare something to nibble on e.g. a few nuts or some chopped carrots. 

  • When I exercise – I had thoughts of ‘I'm really tired I want to stop’ whenever I think that - I do the opposite! I run harder, I do 2 more reps, than what my goal was e.g. if 20 I will do 22, These help me realise that I CHOSE my reaction and action meaning I’m the one in control. 

  • Do some exercise or yoga (of course) when craving something! 

  • Pay attention when you eat. Obvious I know, but often we forget what we have snacked on or what the meal was or how much we’ve really eaten. 

  • Fizzy drinks your vice? What about swapping it to blackcurrant squash with fizzy water? 

  • Swap mayo with Greek yoghurt or low-fat mayo or butter for avocado? 

  • If cooking is a DRAG and coming home after a long day of work. cooking is the last thing you want to do, do things the night (or earlier) to make it easy. Marinate the chicken the night before, chop the veg up ready to chuck into the stirfry. I also like to chop / blitz fresh ginger, garlic, chillies and spring onions, salt and olive oil and chuck it in a jar in the fridge ready to use whenever I need. ( I can't actually tell you how long it lasts in truth because I use it so much it's usually all used within a fortnight!) but it's great for almost anything.

  • Save food! I love to get fresh fruit and freeze them - think blueberries and cherries (which I de-stone first) or cutting up mango or passion fruit. I freeze fresh chillies and corn on the cobs (which I love as a snack) too! I love the frozen fruit on top of porridge or blitzed in a protein smoothie.


  • Remember – having something less nutritious to eat – does NOT make you a bad person... it doesn’t make you a failure. If I am going out for an occasion, I just enjoy it! And I eat what I want to - I try not to go super hungry as your eyes are bigger than your belly. I literally choose the thing I most want instead of the healthiest (if you don’t eat out more than once a week) The key is that you are in control with what you eat, if you choose a heavy calorie meal – if you get it knowing what you know about nutrition you are at least still making informed choices. 

  • Don’t get upset, just be grateful for the delicious meal and then get back on track on your next meals. Being upset about it will create bad feelings towards food and an unhealthy relationship. It's not a 'cheat' meal, it's just a less nutritious meal and that's okay! Not everything you eat needs to be able to deliver a dose of super anti toxins etc. It could just be it brings you immense joy now and again.

  • Meditation – concentrate on breathing when have harmful thoughts. Repeat affirmations. 

  • Watch out on your language to yourself. Repeated sentiments start to feel like truth so if you want to be productive, speak to yourself in positive language of love, encouragement and compassion.

  • Science is always changing and so s your body. What your body's needs more or less of today, might not be the same in a year or two's time.

  • I avoid any 'system' that advocates 'DIET' or 'Dieting' culture. If any of those 'systems' are advising you to cut out entire nutritional components - I avoid like the plague. Just eat things in balance, more of the nutritious and less of the not as nourishing. Simple isn't it?

Lastly - a book suggestion and continue your own research on podcases, articles etc ( make sure you check the courses - don't just rely on memes for information here!!) Book suggestion - ‘How not to die’ by Michael McGregor with Gene Stone.

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