MY Yoga Gains App users -Week 6 - last tips!

This is for my amazing, dedicated MY Yoga Gains App users! (And if you have stumbled across this online - why not take a moment to check out the App here?)

If you are reading this....

WELL DONE!! 6 weeks of a lot of information and a lot of hard work but here you are :) Reading this and ready to recap all that you've learnt and continue your yoga practice and continue to discover more of how to keep your body nutritionally balanced!

I know it's been a lot so this week, all I want to do is give you a huge virtual hug and tell you to congratulate yourself first, and then, share some additional tips before you head over to your bonus week 7 content! Woooo!

So - here we go.

BEFORE WE START WITH THE TIPS - Make sure you take some time to look over the charts we filled in along the way, if you didn't follow any of it....yes it's the end of the 6 week program but there's no reason not to try it now! the 6 week program is designed for you to do over and over again because it's called 'Practice'. If you have filled it, have a look to spot the patterns and start to tune into how the food has affected you.