Let's talk Carb, Fat and Sugar - Week 2

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

3 things we need which really get a bad reputation.

I want to talk about it a bit here.


This is the most concentrated source of energy.

DO NOT see ‘fats’ as the

enemy, all fats are not made the same. 60% of your brain is made of fat. 

3 types of fatty acids

Saturated – usually solid and in animal based products like butter and also palm and coconut oil. Eat less. 

Monosaturated – MOST beneficial because lowers cholesterol and keeps cells nutrient rich. Found in olive and rapeseed oil. Use


Polysaturated - Omega 3 and 6. These are essential in your diet – because these cannot be created in your body. Omega 6 brain function, and normal growth and development. stimulate skin and hair growth, maintain bone health, regulate metabolism, and maintain the reproductive system. Omega 3 helps maintain heart health, lower blood pressure, bone and joint health. List goes on. In seeds and fish. Good – but omega 6 is already consumed usually enough of. Therefore, do not need to worry too much about 6. 

Omega 3 

  • Salmon

  • Mackerel:

  • Sardines: 

  • Anchovies:

  • Chia seeds: 

  • Walnuts: 

  • Flaxseeds: 

Omega 6 

  • Soybean oil: 

  • Corn oil:

  • Mayonnaise: 

  • Walnuts: 

  • Sunflower seeds: 

  • Almonds: 

  • Cashew nuts:

What about Trans fat? Trans fat is usually added into processed foods to preserve foods. Try an avoid. 

Cholesterol – your body needs this but too much can cause blockage in your arteries. 

Carbs and sugars – big topic!

Okay firstly – Carbs are important!! Carbs turn into sugar – sugar is energy but unused becomes stored as fat. 

I'm not going into the details of all the carb types etc for now. But let’s just talk about whole wheat vs refined.

Refined e.g. white bread, white pasta, cereals etc.- these have most nutrition stripped. They are digested quickly which spikes your blood sugar up - then takes you on a quick dip. This means you are hungry again quickly or low in energy and your body wants something quick to bring it back up – bring in the cakes and biscuits! Whole wheat – is just that. Uses the whole of the wheat and therefore – takes longer to digest and meaning a slower blood sugar rise and a more balanced mood, hunger and better concentration. 

When but comes to sugar – again I'm not going to go into the intrinsic and extrinsic types as it’s not the take away from today.

All you need to look out for – is to try and reduce your ‘added’ sugar intake as most foods will have natural sugars – think Lactose in milk or sucrose and fructose in fruit. 

I'm only going to talk about these two for now.

Your take away – it is not the carb itself you need to watch out for – it is the way it is cooked and the portion size.

E.g mashed potato or chips are not going to be the same as boiled or baked. 

I want you to incorporate foods with omega 3 more and try and switch to use more Polysaturated than Monosaturated items.

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