Are you drinking enough water? Week 1

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

We all know we the importance of staying hydrated, but let's talk a bit more about why and how it helps us in the quest to lose weight and function better.

As you all know – we are made up of roughly 2/3 water (between 60-75% fluctuates from person to person) 

Reasons to drink more water 

It will help to control your hungry – often we are ‘hungry’ but we are just dehydrated. Here are a few things staying hydrated can help with...:

  • Improved digestion.

  • Helps rid toxins.

  • Reduce blood pressure,

  • Kidney functions improved,

  • Better skin’s moisture.

  • Blood pressure,

  • Joint pains reduced . 

  • More sensitivity on lips! I enjoyed this fact!

  • Lower risk of cancer and heart disease – less viscosity in blood,

  • Helps lower bladder cancer risks.

  • Brain is 75% water.

  • Alertness and concentration for more hydration.

  • Better mood..

So yeah, plenty of good reasons to drink water!

How much should we drink?

1 or 2 litres for women 3 for men. (Wine dehydrates.)

These are ‘guidelines’ but it will vary on many things such as how much you exercise. If you get your fluid from other things too such as fruit or soups etc. So the best way to know I think, is to just look at your pee! chart have a look! 

Try to minimize / avoid – Fizzy drinks, alcohol. But if you do have them – try to replenish your water intake. 

Tips to drink more - 

  • Cold steeping tea (reduce caffeine) in summer and better antioxidants.

  • Add fruit or cucumber and lemon and mint. 

  • Best type of tea is green or white. 

  • Coffee – try to take black or if with milk, semi skimmed / plant based / americano with milk and have a glass of water with each coffee.

  • Get a bottle with a measure.

  • Drink water every time you come back from the toilet.

  • I drink 500ml of warm water every morning on an empty stomach, It kicks starts metabolism for the day, helps absorb quickly whilst stomach is empty and often we are thirty not hungry so this also helps make sure I am eating from hunger not thirst.

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