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Other services

For any of the below services, please get in touch for more information.  07598414385

Sessions for breathing - Pranayama and guided meditation

Got 15 mins to spare? In this fast paced world, sometime you just need to *Inhale....Exhale...* if you suffer from anxiety / depression / stress or just an over active mind right now, why not book in for a 15 minute guided breathing and meditation session? These can be private or opened up to others to attend and location can be discussed. These can be particularly helpful for high blood pressure or anyone who feels they just need a little bit of 'me' time to refocus on the self.  Please email me for more information. *These sessions can also be for 30, 45 or 60 minute

Private lessons - 60 minute sessions

I get it. Sometimes grunting, heavy breathing and sweating profusely (just me??) aren't necessarily something you would like to do in a class of strangers. Or perhaps you just can't make it to those allocated time slots and prefer to do it in times around your own schedule. Maybe you just want a bit more guidance with your own practice to concentrate on certain aspects whether it be stretches, an Asana, an old injury, guided breathing or any other tailor made session. Whatever your reason - I got that covered. Let's work on it together, you and me. Book a private session with me -get in touch to talk pricing - discounts available for packs of 10. These will take place either at the studio or travel to your place could be discussed if accessible - prices subject to availability

Semi - Private lessons - 60 minute sessions

So you wanted to go private?  But then you told your friend / children / other half/ colleague and guess what? They would love to try it too! Well they can.  A session of 2 or more people can be set up - the more people who join the less it will cost per person. A 2 people session would be £28pp, 3 at £22pp, 4 at  £17pp and anything more will be £12pp. These lessons are perfect for a plethora of scenarios whether its a group of you cycling/ running for a marathon and would like to alleviate post training soreness, or perhaps a team building day or maybe the hen is a yoga fanatic! This would be a great activity to enjoy with mum / dad and son / daughter. Again, these can be held in the studio or other locations can be discussed - subject to surcharges should there involve a lot of travel.

Corporate classes -  30 minute - 60 minute sessions.

Yoga has a long standing history of improving the practitioner with clearer, more relaxed mind as well as a more nimble body. If you want to lower the sick day count, create a sense of well-being among your office or just reward your staff for their continued hard work, why not schedule in some classes? These can be 30 minute or 60 minute sessions and will be ran at a beginner to intermediate level to ensure all participants are able to gain something from their sessions. Some companies may like to have these at to start the day, lunch breaks or immediately after work - the choice is yours. Or perhaps your company works on shifts so these may fit around their shift pattern. What ever the reason, get in touch for more information. For pricing queries, please discuss directly with me as it will vary on location, number of participants and amount of equipment needed to be provided for.  *Please note - the maximum I can hold in a session will be 20 participants at a time due to limit in equipment this is to ensure there is attention and space to practice safely.

Nutritional consultation - 30 minutes

Health and well-being encompasses your diet, activity and your mental wellness. I believe each are as important as each other. I am here to help you understand the common food traps from the marketing world, expel food myths and created more healthy food habits. We'll work our your Basal Metabolic Rate  to help you manage how many calories your body should need.


Let's look after ourselves first - nothing can be done well until and unless we pay attention to our health. Combining the disciplines of yoga in the physical, mental and spiritual along with the energy we put in our bodies, we can begin to create a lifetime of overall health, longevity and minimize illness.