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About MY City Yoga

Hi, I'm Mary. I'm 33, I didn't really start Yoga until maybe 28. 

My own yoga practice is mainly focussed on strong and flexible *functional* movement. 

My teaching? Kinda experimental I guess. And...demanding :) You'll work hard in my class, 

but that's what gets results right? I'm more interested in technical alignment than 

relaxing or spiritual connection. But I'll be practicing and guiding you every step of the way during 1:1 or group classes. 

My App is coming, and before it fully launches - I'd love you to be part of the 

building here to see how. 

Alongside being part of the Yoga Alliance of 200 RYT, I am also a nutritional advisor -certified to level 3&4 AFN accreditation.  I am emergency first aid trained too.

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