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About MY City Yoga

Hi, I'm Mary.

I'm 33 and didn't fall in love with yoga the first time I tried a yoga class.

I didn't get a spiritual awakening for a higher calling

and  float out of a room on a cloud of sage mist.

No, it took me three very spaced out attempts and aged 28, I started to 'get it'.

Like all aspects of my life - I'm a late bloomer! 

My own yoga practice is focussed on strong and flexible *functional* movement. 

What I'm interested in is not what 'looks good' but what feels good. 

(But hey, if it looks good too that's just a bonus wahey!)

I 'm passionate in teaching you how to improve your health through movement, nutrition and a balanced lifestyle.

I want you to have those "I never knew I could do that!" moments and the 

"Wow NOW I get it!" and the "I feel so much better at xyz"

What is my teaching like?

 Experimental - mixed with the traditional.

What I mean is, I will always revert to classic traditional teachings but I will add in drills

and techniques I have learnt from my own practice and other teachers to shorten your time to progressing to perform those Asanas.  


You'll work hard in my class, but that's what gets results right?

If we are going to give each other an hour (or more) of our time, 

let's make it worth our while.

I'm more interested in technical alignment than 

relaxing or spiritual connection.


But I'll be practicing along with you and guiding you every step of the way during 1:1 or group classes. 

So am I the right teacher for you?


If you are looking for:

  • Clear instructions

  • Progression

  • Support and encouragement (but you know, not handholding - that's an extra cost)

  • Actual explanations

  • Challenge

  • A bit of a laugh (hey, it's only yoga!)

  • Skill and correct alignment (from posture and anatomical perspective - as opposed to chakras)

  Then...its a match! 

My App is close to launched to the public and I am soooo excited! 

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Alongside being part of the Yoga Alliance of 200 RYT, I am also a nutritional advisor.

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