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Corporate Yoga Lessons

Yoga has a long standing history of improving the practitioner with clearer, more relaxed mind as well as a more nimble body. If you want to lower the sick day count, create a sense of well-being among your office or just reward your staff for their continued hard work, why not schedule in some classes? These can be 30 minute or 60 minute sessions and will be ran at a beginner to intermediate level to ensure all participants are able to gain something from their sessions. Some companies may like to have these at to start the day, lunch breaks or immediately after work - the choice is yours. Or perhaps your company works on shifts so these may fit around their shift pattern. What ever the reason, get in touch for more information. For pricing queries, please discuss directly with me as it will vary on location, number of participants and amount of equipment needed to be provided for.  *Please note - the maximum I can hold in a session will be 20 participants at a time due to limit in equipment this is to ensure there is attention and space to practice safely.