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Classes on Thursday at - Space at the Mill  

2nd floor, Wellington Mill, Duke Street, Manchester M3 4NF 

6.30pm - 7.30pm 1 hour - Hatha based (with some Vinyasa an Astanga ) All levels suitable 

Important note - during my classes there will emphasis on the correct alignment of the postures. There may be times where I will physically adjust your position however, if you prefer me not to do so, that is absolutely fine. Please make this known to me prior to commencing the session. It is also the responsibility of the individual to manage their own physical limitations and to let me know of any injuries are aliment prior to the session.

At the studios, we provide mats, block and a serene atmosphere to practice in, so all you need to bring is yourself and some water! (if you would like to use your own equipment you are most welcome to of course and changing rooms on site). 


Yoga for office workers
(30 mins - 1 hour )
Suited to all levels

Hunched over a desk 8-12 hours a day? Welcome to the modern world of virtual communication. Let's get you moving to loosen up the tight shoulders and back! These sessions help correct your posture awareness and get the blood pumping around your body after a long day in a static position.

Yoga for sleep / shift workers
(30 mins - 1 hour)
Suited for all levels

Trouble sleeping? Anxiety or stressful workload / personal situation can cause difficulty in sleeping. Or perhaps disjointed work shifts means your sleep pattern is out of whack. This session is for those looking to bring some peace to prepare for a good sleep - using Pranayama (breathing techniques) and restorative / yin yoga practice (long and gentle stretches) and some meditation techniques.


Yoga for strength 
(30 mins - 1 hour)
Open to all levels.

These classes will be a little more fast paced!  Vinyasa based flow session, these classes build muscles and joints to promote general body wellness. Ideal for those who are looking for a way to supplement their own strength training. 


Hatha Class
(60 minute sessions)
Intermediate level

Now you have gotten a great base, let's continue your progression! We will begin to move you into more challenging Asanas now, combination of more demanding holds in poses and transitions between postures. Since yoga is a lot more than just about your body, we will continue to practice meditation and Pranayama techniques.

Hatha Class
(60 minute sessions)
Advanced Level

Moving on from the intermediate postures, we take a deeper look at extending, holding, stretching just that little further. Introducing more inversions where possible.  Since yoga is a lot more than just about your body, we will continue to practice meditation and Pranayama techniques.


Hatha class
(60 minute sessions)
Beginner level

These classes are a fantastic introduction to get you comfortable in starting your yoga journey. There will be strong emphasis in all classes to be mindful of your posture and alignment since I believe that incorrect positioning can at best, lower the benefits gained from the practice and at worse, cause injury. During classes, there will be an incorporation of meditative and breathing practices to encourage overall wellbeing.


Yoga for Runners / people on their feet all day
(30 mins - 1 hour) 
Suited to all levels

These sessions will concentrate on lower back, hip opening / closing and postures and alignment. We will also look at strengthening your upper body and stretching the legs. If you have been on your feet all day, these are ideal for counteracting the high impact of running and weight bearing postures to aid in your recovery time. There will also be an element of restoration to allow your whole body to recuperate.