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Private online classes

Frequently asked questions

'How do I join the class?'

Simply book the class you want and you will get an automated confirmation with a zoom link.

"I've never done yoga before, is this class right for me?"

I like the run the classes with progression in mind, anyone new is more than welcome, but bear in mind there will also be regular classmates too. I will suggest moderations and variations to suit all participants.

"What do I need for the session?'

Comfortable clothes, an exercise mat - ideally two yoga blocks if not, some A5 books and / cushion depending on the exercise. A yoga strap if not - a belt, towel or a scarf.


My classes are alignment and physical movement based. I will be giving you challenging 

postures and movements but that's what will get you results. HOWEVER, please respect your body ahead of your ego,

practice with patience and check in with yourself so you can alter your practice.Don't push so much you hurt yourself.