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ONLINE Beginner Hatha (1 hour ) - we have time to discuss foundations and techniques - These classes concentrate on technique and progression - may need blocks (books?) and straps (scarf, belt, towel?)

ONLINE Intermediate (1 hour )- Once you have built some foundations we move further into the practice - These classes concentrate on technique and progression may need blocks (books?) and straps (scarf, belt, towel?)


 7.30pm - Online Beginner Hatha (1 hour)


6.30pm - Online Intermediate Hatha (1 hour)

These classes will be on Zoom until classes are able to resume in the studios. A zoom link will be automatically sent to you on booking.

Frequently asked questions

'How do I get to the venue?'

Space at the Mill is within 5 minutes walk from Deansgate train or tram station. You can also drive and park for free in front or behind, if the gates are locked when you arrive just let me know and I can open it although I check it is open on arrival.

"I've never done yoga before, is this class right for me?"

I like the run the classes with progression in mind, anyone new is more than welcome, but bear in mind there will also be regular classmates too. I give moderation and variations to help all participants wherever they are in their practice so everyone can get something from the class but may have less time to explain some things - although I do have people in the class who tried yoga for the first time in this class and are now regulars.

"What do I need to bring with me?'

Comfortable clothing - there is a room to get changed in if you need it. Water and / or bottle to fill when here.

The studio is fully equipped with mats, block and straps but you are more than welcome to bring your own mat etc if you would like and some people like to bring a towel. 


During my classes there will emphasis on the correct alignment of the postures. There may be times where I will physically adjust your position however, if you prefer me not to do so, that is absolutely fine. Please make this known to me prior to commencing the session. It is also the responsibility of the individual to manage their own physical limitations and to let me know of any injuries are aliment prior to the session.